By: Crystal Robinson



As you know, we are facing unprecedented times right now. While we hope this is short-term, we are preparing for a longer term scenario and coming up with creative and innovative ways to continue providing the best possible service to all past, current and future Nest Realty Inc. clients.

Many people are asking us questions and we are here to answer them.  We are just a phone call or text away.

This is direct from OREA, our Provincial governing body, in regards to Real Estate being an “essential” service:
“What does this all mean? 
 It does NOT mean business as usual. 
ALL REALTORS® should stop face-to-face business, including open houses, in-person showings, and maintaining agents and public office hours.
Now. The Government gave the “essential” label to real estate to permit transactions to close – NOT to allow our Members to carry on with normal business practices during a crisis. 
All Members should be moving to remote work – full stop. “

To see this letter in detail, visit this link:

Here is what you can expect in the coming weeks (and possibly months) and how it will directly impact the real estate market. 


There are many steps in getting your home Sale ready. There are also many professionals that are hired along the way, to help give your home a competitive edge.

These professionals include, but are not limited to: General Contractors and Tradespeople, Painters, Stagers and of course, Photographers. All of these professionals can play an integral part in preparing your home for sale.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, many of these professionals are not able to do their jobs right now. Whether it’s due to illness, not being deemed an “Essential” service or just choosing not to work right now, the availability of these people are few and far between.

When it comes to Selling your home, a solid marketing plan and strategy is integral. Unfortunately, some of the methods we rely on to market your home are not readily available to us.  Professional Photography/Videography is likely not an option (not deemed essential) and open houses are NOT allowed. Due to the lack of Buyers out there right now (due to fear and social distancing) the chance of multiple offers is slim. 

Normally, when marketing your home, we want as many people to see it as possible. That is not the case with COVID-19. We only want the RIGHT people to see it and limit any risk to you and your loved ones.

The bottom line? If Selling your home is a MUST during COVID-19, be prepared to be flexible and lower your overall expectations. Be sure you understand all the risks involved with Selling at this time and be sure to take any precautions to help mitigate any risks. It is highly advised that you are not living in your home during this time, if at all possible.

Buying a home can be one of the most exciting times in your life. Maybe you are buying your first home or maybe your family is growing and you need more space. Perhaps you have decided to start investing in real estate and become a landlord. Whatever your reason for buying is, we are sure it’s a good one and we are very excited to help you in this journey.

Right now, Public Health is advising everyone to STAY HOME, unless it’s absolutely necessary to leave the house. 

When it comes to Buying a home, we are here to help you determine when the right time to buy is. At this time, we have been asked to service those who are in dire need of a home. Here are some reasons you may need to look for a home right away, instead of waiting for this Pandemic to be over.

  1. You’ve sold your current home and have not yet found a new one to buy
  2. You are a tenant and have been given notice to vacate and are planning to buy
  3. Personal circumstances such as divorce, death or financial issues (that existed prior to COVID-19)

Going forward, for clients that NEED to sell or buy right now, we will be relying heavily on virtual consultations, video showings and “sight unseen” conditions in electronic offers. For those that DO need to view a home in person, we will be taking extra precautionary measures to ensure our safety and yours. We will continue to use technology to our advantage, as well as come up with innovative ways to continue in today’s real estate market. 

In closing, if you just WANT to buy or sell right now, we strongly recommend you put your plans on PAUSE. We can’t predict the future and what will happen post COVID-19, but it is our job to give you the best possible advice, always. It’s not worth putting yourself and others at health or financial risk if you don’t NEED to sell or buy.

REALTORS all over the province are working hard to navigate this challenging situation and are striving to work together to overcome this, hopefully temporary, hurdle. Stay safe. Stay home. 

With gratitude,

Meg Lyttle
Broker of Record/Owner
Nest Realty Inc.